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Ice Cream Musings

Tell All Thursday: Ice Cream in the Mail

Back in December, we officially launched our Online Store. More than that, we started shipping ice cream to doorsteps. How the heck is that even possible? We'll tell you more today for our #TellAllThursday series:


Four All Ice Cream


When you visit our online shop, you have a few different options for getting Four All Ice Cream in the mail:


One option is to order our Seasonal 4-Pack with our latest and greatest seasonal flavours. Every month we create at least 4 new flavours, so you can expect something different all year long. 


We have 12 flavours at a time, and we don't want to limit or judge you if you want to get 4 delicious cubes of the same flavour - that's why we also created the Pick Your Own 4-Pack option. Here, you can pick out your top 4 flavours to have shipped to you.


The last option is to join our Cubes of the Month Club ice cream subscription program! When you become a member, we keep shipping our 4 new flavours to your doorstep every month. We also tell you what our new flavours will be before anyone else finds out!


Four All Ice Cream


So after you place your order online, what happens???


Well, we add your order to our production list for the following Monday & Tuesday ice cream making days! Your cubes are hand-folded and packed then stay in our freezer with your name on them until Wednesday


Four All Ice Cream


On Thursday or Friday, we send your ice cream in the mail! First we pack it into our shipper boxes with an insulated inside and some dry ice. This combo keeps the ice cream frozen inside for up to 24 hours, but we aim to get it to you in 12. If you're in KW, we send your ice cream with Eco Courier. For anyone outside of town, we ship it with Canada Post. The last step is ice cream sitting on your doorstep before it gets added to the freezer/devoured immediately. 


Four All Ice Cream


Do you think this would be the best gift ever? You can also order online to have ice cream shipped to someone else's doorstep or work! At our Tasting Room, we also have cards available so that you can gift someone the entire experience of shipped ice cream, including picking their own flavours. If you have any questions or want to tell us about your shipped ice cream experience, email us [email protected].



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