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*Price includes HST. Shipping is extra.


*Price includes HST. Shipping is extra.


*Price includes HST. Shipping is extra.

*Shipping is extra.

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What is the coverage area for ice cream delivery?

We’ve partnered with Eco Courier, a local emissions free courier, to deliver our ice creams within Kitchener & Waterloo. Outside of Kitchener-Waterloo? Please email us at [email protected] so we can quote and arrange delivery to Cambridge, Guelph, Brantford, Hamilton, Milton & Toronto using Canada Post’s next day delivery service. Please note that there are areas where next day delivery cannot be guaranteed without getting too pricey or increasing the risk of shipping you ice cream soup (still tasty but not what you ordered). For each order outside of Kitchener-Waterloo, we will notify you promptly if we are unable to fulfill your order due to your geographical location. At that point you may choose to either cancel your order, arrange for delivery to an alternative address, arrange for pick-up or simply pay the quoted shipping costs.

How do you ship ice cream (and not ice cream soup) right to my door?

Our ice cream is shipped either next day or same day in reusable thick-wall insulated coolers packed with enough dry ice to ensure your sweet treat stays frozen until it gets to you. While dry ice is super helpful at keeping things cold it should never be touched with bare hands, and should be kept away from children and pets. Leave the dry ice in the cooler outside or in a well ventilated area until it fully sublimates (phase transition of a substance directly from solid to gas phase without the intermediate transition to a liquid phase).

Why are there two local delivery rates, $8.95 and $28.75, for local Kitchener-Waterloo shipping?

The $28.75 +HST delivery rate for local Kitchener-Waterloo in town deliveries includes a re-usable insulated cooler box, filled with dry ice, and guarantees the product will remain perfectly frozen until someone is able to get the ice cream in the freezer. The $8.95 +HST delivery rate for local Kitchener-Waterloo in town deliveries is the 4 ice creams in a cardboard carrier box, no insulated cooler box, no dry-ice. This is a perfect choice when the recipient is available to accept the package right away.

When should I expect to receive my ice cream?

That’s up to you. Pick-ups are Thursday and Friday at our Graffiti Market location (137 Glasgow St.). Ice cream deliveries are the next available Thursday. Order cut-off is midnight Thursday for ice cream deliveries for the following Thursday. Local deliveries (Kitchener, Waterloo) will be arranged for early to mid afternoon. Other areas are serviced by Canada post and are arranged for Friday delivery.

When and where can I pick-up my order?

Orders can be picked up on Thursdays or Fridays at our Graffiti Market location at 137 Glasgow St. Kitchener.

Can I save shipping costs if I combine items?

Yes. Order any of the ice cream 4-packs or gift sets and get free-shipping on Cooler Bags, T-shirts, Enamel Pins and Gift Cards.

Do I need to be home to receive my ice creams?

No you don’t need to be home, but it is important that ice creams are transferred to your freezer as quickly as possible on delivery day. Select your delivery day based on your availability. Consider using your work address as the ship-to location if that works better for you. Just let us know if the address provided is a business or residence.

When will I get my “Other Cool Stuff”?

To keep shipping costs as low as possible, non-ice cream purchases are sent within 24 hours of your order through Canada Post’s regular 2 – 3 day mail delivery service. If you need items shipped faster please let us know. Additional costs may apply.

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