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Ice Cream Musings

Try This At Home Tuesday: Ice Cream Truffles

In the midst of our exciting flavour transitions, we thought a #TryAtHomeTuesday that can use ANY flavour of ice cream would be the best way to celebrate our current flavours. These simple Ice Cream Truffles are a quick and easy way to experiment with whatever ice cream you happened to pick up this week! 



What you need:

  • A small scoop of ice cream
  • Pints of some of your favourite ice cream flavours; we like Vanilla Bean, Raspberry Ripple or Chocolate Mint Sandwich
  • Raw cocoa powder



    Four All Ice Cream




    What to do:

    1. Take small scoops, and make balls as round as possible of your ice cream flavours. Place them on a baking sheet and put them in the freezer.
    2. Let the ice cream balls freeze overnight or for 3-4 hours.
    3. Pour some cocoa powder in a small mixing bowl.
    4. Take out the ice cream balls and one at a time, roll them in the cocoa powder (your hands will get messy!)
    5. Place them back on the tray and into the freezer for another hour or two
    6. Serve on a fancy plate with some fancy wine!



    Four All Ice Cream






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