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Ice Cream Musings

Tell All Thursday: Thank You Suppliers!

July is national ice cream month and today we want to say thank you to the community of people who make our ice cream as natural, local and mindful as possible. Behind every scoop of FourAll ice cream there is a network of vendors, makers, farmers and bakers who share our vision of local mindful products!

Though we couldn’t possibly cover the awesomeness of our suppliers in a brief mention we encourage ice cream lovers to check out these amazing partnerships. Visit farms, tour factories and browse shops! Learn the story behind your ice cream, you won’t be disappointed. Also be sure to stay tuned to our supplier series posts to learn about all our suppliers as their products come in and out of our flavours.


Summer Season Flavour Partnerships 


Strawberries & Cream and Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet - Herrles Country Farm Market: Since 1964 the Herrle family hasn't failed to provide the KW with delicious produce, now when we need to talk local strawberries Trevor can always expect our call.



Mocha Caramel - Blacksmith and Bean Coffee Company: Rich fair trade coffee beans for our irresistible mocha chocolate. 

Cream of Earl Grey and Honey Genuine Tea: Sarah and Dave travel  to meet farmers all over the world bringing back the most delicious teas you'll ever sip! 



Goose Tracks - Shiba Matcha: Darren and Brandon supply us with delicious organic matcha powder sourced directly from Nishio, Japan.

Rhubarb Sorbet - Barrie's Asparagus: Don't be fooled by the name of Tim Barrie's farm, they have both Asparagus and a breathtaking strawberry rhubarb patch.


Cookies + Cream - Q's Cakes and Cafe:  If you're in need of an absolutely mouth-watering chocolate cookie that happens to be gluten free then Raquel has got you covered! 


Material Squirrel- Crumby Cookie Dough Co: Jennifer and Sara are the geniuses behind Material Squirrel peanut butter toffee cookie dough, without which we'd all be lost!

Whiskey Caramel Pecan - Dixon's Distillery: JD, Vicky and the team over at Dixon's know their spirits and you can really taste it! 

Ongoing Partnerships


Nith Valley Apiaries: Founded in 1918 Nith Valley Apiaries is celebrating their centennial! With beeyards all across our region's countryside Mike, Erika and Jodi are busy making delicious honey that sweetens many of our cane sugar free flavours! 


Snyder's Heritage Farm: Kevin Snyder is the current and 5th generation farmer at Synder Hertiage Farms. As long as he can remember, they have been producing maple syrup on the land their ancestors settled and cleared many years ago. Snyder's maple syrup also sweetens many of our cane sugar free flavours. 



Donsig Cones: Donsig Cones is a small, family-owned factory in Waterloo that specializes in all-natural, homemade waffle cones. The current owner and super woman, Jane, has been running the show for the last 13 years of Donsig's 31 years in business.


Eby Manor: FourAll without Eby Manor would be like salt with no pepper, yin with no yang, macaroni with no cheese! Jim Eby is the 2nd generation now running the Eby Manor farm in Waterloo County where our milk and cream is produced by 60 Guernsey cows. All generations have had a compassion for the cows, giving them each a name and recognizing their unique personalities, making it clear that the Eby family strongly correlates quality care with quality milk.  



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