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Ice Cream Musings

Tell All Thursday: Meet Courtney

Meet Courtney! She's the Four All kitchen and production manager who makes sure we have ice cream every week:


Four All Ice Cream


I am an artist, photographer, mad knitter and insanely veracious reader. I wish I had a time turner because I have too many passions and never enough time for them all. 

Fav song: My my hey hey - Neil Young

Fav movie: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Fav book: Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Neiffenger


Courtney wasn't always planning on making tasty ice cream; She went to school at the University of New Brunswick’s Renaissance College and a Bachelor of Philosophy in interdisciplinary leadership studies. "It was an incredible program, we only had 20 kids in our classes so we had a lot of amazing experiences including an international internship", she recounts. Courtney also went to Vancouver Film School and studied both Art & Design and Film production. She was working towards becoming the next great cinematographer.


Courtney started her journey in the food/service industry when she was 16. Most of her jobs from then had been as a barista with food preparation, which she really enjoyed. Now, she is one of the lucky ice cream sorcerers who gets to make all the incredible ice creams at Four All. Courtney says her favourite part of her job is knowing so many people are made happy by our awesome ice cream and it’s part of their families special moments. "Four All is all about quality and passion coming together and the result is wicked ice cream".


In a world full of ice cream makers, Courtney believes that our creative flavour combos and local, fresh, high quality ingredients makes for a unique ice cream. Her favorite Four All flavour so far was the Sponge Toffee. She says, "It’s amazing. But I have always loved Pralines & Cream and am excited for our take on that classic". 


Courtney is looking forward to having more KW’ers discover and fall in love with Four All, despite the cold weather!






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