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Ice Cream Musings

Tell All Thursday: How to Eat Ice Cream in the Winter

There are a lot of ways to enjoy ice cream and getting creative with ice cream is one of our specialties. Today we're sharing some ways that you can continue to enjoy ice cream through the winter season because we don't stop making good ice cream when it gets cold... and we know you don't stop wanting it.



Add it to a warm dessert

Any dessert can be made sweeter with a scoop of ice cream, but it the winter time when you're craving comfort, try enjoying ice cream with a freshly baked treat and let those opposites attract. Here are some of the hot + cold treat recipes we've created:

  • Crust-less Pie a la Mode - originally made with our Fresh Ginger ice cream but it would be just as good with scoops of our High Tea, Mango Froyo, or Vanilla Bean
  • Funky Monkey French Toast - yes, we do encourage ice cream for breakfast! This recipe is made with one of our most popular flavours, Banoffee Crunch, which we now call Funky Monkey
  • Gluten-Free Waffle Ice Cream Sammies - we're not making this up! We have a gluten-free waffle recipe and we're sharing it so that all those gluten-free folks out there can live their best lives. Pair it with our Maple Pine Nut Brittle, Gianduia (chocolate hazelnut), or MadCat Espresso
  • Baked Apples & Ice Cream - our most recent wintery treat, with just 5 simple steps. We made it with Maple Pine Nut Brittle, but you could also try it with Reids Tortoise or Caramel Fudge Brownie


Four All Ice Cream



Eat it in a fancy bowl, fireside

For those of us that can't handle the shivers that may come with eating a cone in the snow, hop into those cozy socks and cuddle up by the fireplace (or the warmest space heater). Here are some ideas for toppings to go with your scoops:

  • Fruit Compote - another hot & cold combo to take those scoops over the top. We used blueberries but you can easily make it with any berry you'd like!
  • Homemade Granola - we originally featured this treasured house recipe in our Ice Cream Parfait creation. Not only does this make a super topping, but it will make your home smell heavenly
  • Lemon Shortbread - best paired with our High Tea ice cream to make a tea-time sundae
  • Sugar Cookie Spoons - probably the best ice cream tool we've ever used... 


Four All Ice Cream



Mix it with a hot drink

It's the same mathematics of hot desserts and ice cream but now in sipping form. Here are a few of the ice cream drinks we've made that can warm your spirits in the winter: 

  • Spicy Hot Chocolate & Kahlua Cocktail - Oh yes, this drink is magic and it includes our homemade Kahlua recipe
  • Hot Toddy - the go-to sipper for adding cheer to a drab day. Originally made with our Cream of Earl Grey & Honey ice cream but just as good with our current High Tea ice cream or Vanilla Bean
  • Irish Coffee - simple and classic, with an ice cream-y twist. Made with our Gianduia vegan ice cream but you can also make it with our Chocolate Milk 


Four All Ice Cream



Share it with others

It may not seem like a rational thing to do, but it will certainly warm your heart. Pick up a 4-pack of different flavours to share at the next family gathering or evening with your pals. Maybe spend a Sunday afternoon trying some of these recipes together!


Four All Ice Cream




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