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Ice Cream Musings

Tell-All Thursday: Four All Gluten-Free Cones

When we decided to open a second location of Four All ice creamy goodness, we wanted to make sure it was unique from our O.G. Tasting Room. This new location had to offer something new, complimentary, and exciting for our Four All fans and new customers. So we put cones to ice cream.


Since the beginning we'd been stocking up on locally-made cones from the historical cone makers at Donsig Cones in Waterloo. These all-natural cones satisfied our regular and vegan customers, but our gluten-free friends were sadly left with no cone option. We wanted to fix this because Four All is ice cream for the people, all the people. We thought, if we can make dang-good ice cream we could probably make some dang-good gluten-free cones to go with it.


That's how our new location earned the name "Four All Cone Counter" and as soon as we opened we got busy making ice cream cones behind the counter. The power must have gotten to our heads though because we couldn't stop with jussst ice cream cones... So we made ice cream tacos too. That's right. Cone taco shells that we put scoops of ice cream inside of and top with yummy toppings like housemade whipped cream and Crumby cookie dough...



We're not done being creative either. For now, our gluten-free cones are made with egg and our vegan customers can't have a taste. BUT we're in the process of designing (and taste testing) our own vegan cones.


 Four All Ice Cream


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