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Ice Cream Musings

Tell All Thursday: A Year in Review

Wow-ee! It's almost been a year since we opened our Tasting Room and started stocking cubes around Waterloo Region. This is so exciting for us, especially looking at the crazy numbers that tell us just how much the KW community loves ice cream. We want to take this #TellAllThursday to reflect on some of these numbers and what they mean to us.


In 2017,


We served 14,198 scoops of ice cream from our Tasting Room.


When we first opened the Tasting Room, we were nervous that our quirky location (in the old Bonnie Stuart shoe factory in Kitchener) would mean that you'd prefer to get your ice cream from our stockists in more central Downtown locations. Boy, were we wrong. You surprised us every weekend that we opened with line-ups out the door of our tiny Tasting Room. Starting with just a 2-woman team, we had to work quick to remake all of our ice creams each week as we sold absolutely everything over our 3-day weekends.


Four All Ice Cream


We made 8,848 cubes


The ice cream Cube became the Four All mascot last summer. All the care and creativity that it took to make these boxes locally through a collaboration of Him & Her Inc. and Georgette Packaging set the tone for each and every ice cream we filled the boxes with.  Every box gets a hand-written title, is hand folded, and hand filled with ice cream. Before that, every single-most ingredient in a flavour of ice cream is handpicked with intention and consideration for our community. Once they were ready to be enjoyed, our cubes found homes on the shelves of more than 20 stockists in the past year and we even found a way to ship ice cream in the mail to your doorstep. When we break it down 8,848 times, there's a lot that fits in that 500 ml box.


Four All Ice Cream


We created 64 flavours of ice cream


Sixty-Four. Soixante-Quatre. Sensenta y Cuatro. As you may know, we have 12 flavours total at any time; four static flavours called our Core Four and eight dynamic flavours called our Seasonal Eight. On top of adding four-eight brand new flavours monthly, we also made limited and one-off flavours throughout the summer through partnerships with other awesome KW makers and for events. Remember our Apri-Crumble Pie? That was a flavour we whipped up for one weekend only because one of our farm suppliers just happened to have some apricots that needed to be used up quickly. Or how about our Dill-icious & Cravings ice creams that we made for Picklefest at the MUSEUM? 


We've cherished every single flavour and each time we transitioned our seasonal flavours we learned something new. Now, our Seasonal Eight has four quick changing flavours (brand new monthly) and four slow-rotating flavours that are usually fan favourites that we bring back. A huge part of our 64 flavours were based on suggestions that YOU made. If you want your dreams to be churned, send us your idea to [email protected]!


Four All Ice Cream


We churned 9,272 litres of ice cream


...And counting. Thank you KW and beyond for all your support and excitement this past year! We look forward to partnering with more awesome folks and continuing to bring better ice cream to the people. 


Four All Ice Cream



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