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Ice Cream Musings

Feature Flavour Friday: Vegan Chocolate Orange

Remember Terry's Chocolate Orange? Maybe you still get them as a nostalgic gift every holiday time. Well this flavour we made is like a Terry's Chocolate Orange turned ice cream. And it's vegan. Boom.


It started with our creamy vegan ice cream base made from a combination of our own cashew milk and Cha's Organics coconut milk. We melt dark chocolate and mix blend it into that creamy goodness to make chocolate-y creamy goodness. Then we add that holiday orange taste with pure orange oil extract. In the ice cream machine it goes and out comes one of our favourite holiday flavours ever born.


Four All Ice Cream


We'd like to thank Terry for their inspiration of putting chocolate and orange where they belong: together.


You can get scoops and cubes of this flavour at our Cone Counter in the Graffiti Market.


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