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Ice Cream Musings

Feature Flavour Friday: Holiday Cocktail Party

This holiday season we've prepared flavours to be the life of the party: Boozy Egg Nog & Gluhwein.


Boozy Egg Nog our Classic holiday flavour that is made from an egg nog we prepare ourselves. Just before we churn it into goodness we add the best part: Yongehurst Rum... Yummm.


Four All Ice Cream


Gluhwein is our Foodie holiday flavour and is a German mulled wine ice cream. How? We're magic! But actually... We take a red wine and mull it in your traditional holiday spices. Then we cook it down to make a syrup that we add to the ice cream base. Then we churn it into one of the foodiest of foodie flavours we've ever made!


Four All Ice Cream


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