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Ice Cream Musings

Feature Flavour Friday: Core Four

We know that our seasonal 8 flavours may have some of you suffering with separation anxiety... That's why we built our menu to include some of the simple, awesome flavours that we just can't live without.


Our Core Four flavours include,


Vanilla Bean: A staple in all things ice cream, really. Hitting the spot with just the right creaminess and ooo look at the vanilla bean seeds in there!


Four All Ice Cream


Chocolate Milk: A tribute ice cream to our milk supplier Jim Eby of Eby Manor Farm, who also produces a decadent chocolate milk along with the milk we buy to make our ice creams. Made with dark chocolate for that much more of what you need always... Chocolate.


Four All Ice Cream


Salted Caramel Swirl: Yeah, that's right. A Salted. Caramel. Swirl. Ice Cream. Oh, the creaminess and oooy-gooy goodness of that caramel swirl. We slave over a stovetop for this flavour, seriously. We make the salted caramel from scratch and mix it into the ice cream then add a splash more with the swirl.


Four All Ice Cream


And, Thundering Espresso: Made with Smile Tiger's Thunder Peel Espresso beans which we get freshly roasted then grind up and steep in our ice cream base overnight. The next morning we strain out the grinds and churn it into glorious ice cream. This is not something to feel guilty about eating for breakfast!


Four All Ice Cream


You can even order them all together in mini cones as part of our All Four All flight, which looks like this:


Four All Ice Cream


Four All Ice Cream




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