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Four All Ice Cream

Ice Cream Musings

Supplier Series: Bon ApaTreat Bakery

The winter season just wouldn't be the same without the rituals of holiday baked goods. This year, we wanted to develop a flavour nostalgic of these childhood holiday tastes. Thanks to the Bon ApaTreat Bakery in Kitchener, we created Milk & Cookies.


Four All Ice Cream


Bon ApaTreat Bakery is a small bakery that was welcomed to Kitchener just over a year ago. Owner Chantelle Villeneuve has only ever worked in the food industry in her 29 years of age: "Growing up I loved food- as an adult the love grew so it seemed like the perfect fit. I took culinary management in college and wanted to be a chef. I still love cooking but baking has always been my passion".


Since opening the doors, Chantelle has been loving every moment of owning her own bakery. She finds that every day offers something different and she loves everything they make. The brownies and cakes have become the stars of the bakery because you can't find anything quite as comparable in the city, Chantelle believes. She doesn't stop there though, "I am constantly on “developing mode” always looking around, searching Instagram, seeing what people love, asking customers what they would like to see in our store. I feel like being creative and innovative with treats is just as important as taste" says Chantelle. 


Four All Ice Cream


When we reached out to collaborate on a new ice cream flavour, Chantelle was excited for the project: "It’s awesome to support each other and I’m so grateful to be apart of the delicious process". Thinking ahead, Chantelle hopes that we can create an ice cream flavour using her best-seller cheesecake brownies. Ice cream is near and dear to Chantelle: "My favourite ice cream memory is probably watching my 2 year old daughter eating ice cream for the first time. I have it on video... she is entranced haha". 


Right now, Bon ApaTreat is working on a new project for renting out a space in the new year and teaching a couple classes on how to decorate cakes & cookies. Stay tuned on their Instagram for more details!


Four All Ice Cream



We asked Chantelle one last important question:


White Chocolate Candy Cane, Cranberry Sorbet, Butter Pecan – which flavour would you hide in the very back of the freezer and keep all to yourself, which flavour would you show off to your family at the holidays, and which one would you gift to a friend – and why for each?  


"I would eat them all and not share haha. But the White Chocolate Candy Cane I would hide and devour. The Butter Pecan I’d share- mainly because my mom is a huge butter pecan fan. The Cranberry Sorbet I would gift to my vegan friend for a treat cuz she’s a hard working momma of 3"

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