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Wicked Wednesday: Rhubarb Mojitos!

This Wednesday we are taking inspiration from our friends at Ambrosia Pastry who hit the nail on the head with a Rhubarb Mojito Sorbet! With this awesome idea we have created a cocktail that is seasonal and refreshing!

What You'll Need for 2 Rhubarb Mojitos 

  1. a few fresh mint leaves 
  2. a cube of our  dairy free Rhubarb Sorbet 
  3. 2 limes 
  4. soda water 
  5. ice 
  6. 1 1/2 cups of rhubarb simple syrup (recipe below)
  7. a shot or two of Yongehurst Rum

To make a simple rhubarb syrup boil 3 cups of freshly chopped rhubarb with a 2 table spoons of sugar and 3/4 cups of water until the rhubarb can me mashed and strained out.

What to do: 

1. Muddle mint leaves and slice limes.

2. Fill 2 highball glasses half way with crushed ice and add 2 scoops of Rhubarb Sorbet 

3. Add a half a cup of soda water to each glass 

4. Top up with rhubarb syrup to taste

5. Add a shot Yongehurst Rum 

6. Garnish with lime and mint and enjoy!



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